Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

BPG is proud of signing the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment 

Bell Packaging Group (BPG) takes a leading role in designing the future of plastic by signing the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, joining with many Global Stakeholders to Reduce Plastic Waste and Pollution in the World

We at BPG believe that both aluminum and plastic are ideal packaging materials for most consumer products. We are proud to have contributed in making those first necessity products including some lifesaving ones, more affordable, and accessible in a safer and more hygienic way thus contributing to improving the living standards of millions of people.

Having said that we realize that, in order to bequeath future generations a cleaner and more sustainable world, this is the time for all stakeholders to join forces and address the issue of post-consumer scrap. Even though the necessary technology may still be in development and the economics debatable, we are convinced that there is no valid reason for plastic packaging material to be discarded in nature and in particular, in the seas.

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